Digital signage

Illustration of digital signage dimensions
Display specifications

  • The Reach displays are 16:9 widescreen displays. Announcement files built outside of Reach should be 1920x1080. Note that this is a horizontal layout.
  • Images should be RGB at 72 ppi; less resolution will be low quality, while more will inflate file size unnecessarily.
  • JPG or PNG files work best when uploaded into Reach.
  • All signs need to include the UAF logo (or a unit’s signature system graphic).
  • When creating displays within the Reach system, use Lato (preferred) or Georgia for text fonts. Otherwise use UAF’s brand fonts.
  • Once your sign has been completed, and edited for accuracy, please send to



Tips for effective signage

  • Keep text to a minimum and try to follow the 3x5 rule: three lines of up to five words on each, or five lines of up to three words on each.
  • Keep text size as large as possible, especially for key information.
    • Recommended headline font and size:
      Barlow Semibold 40pt 
    • Recommended body font and size:
      Barlow Medium 24pt
  • Remember that people may be six or more feet away from the sign when viewing. Try previewing your design by standing six feet away from your monitor. Is the text easily readable at that distance?
  • Use easy-to-read fonts like Barlow. Avoid script fonts and italics because they’re harder to read quickly.

UAF digital signage sample with blue background and white text

UAF digital signage sample with gold background and blue text

  • Dark backgrounds should use light or white text, while light backgrounds should use dark text.
  • Stick with only two or three colors, preferably UAF primary colors.
  • If there’s too much text or not enough contrast, people will have a hard time reading and your message will get lost.
  • Leave space around the outer edges of your design to prevent content from getting cut off.
  • Make the most important information the biggest.
  • Keep the design simple. Too many visual elements distract from your message rather than enhancing it.
  • Be sure to include a call to action: dates, places, a short URL or a QR code give the viewer ways to act.
  • Photos can be used to enhance your message, but be careful when selecting an image.