Collage of brand photography examples

Our photography style distinguishes our brand and plays a major role in how we communicate. Whether we’re using existing photos or shooting new images, each picture should demonstrate UAF’s personality traits (dependable, unassuming, welcoming, industrious). Photos should have an immediate impact on the viewer and should include an instantly recognizable subject, interesting composition and uncluttered background. 

Whenever possible, professional photography should be used. Photos contributed by staff members and occasional stock images may be used but should follow the same guidelines outlined above. Photographers are encouraged to shoot in RAW mode and process specific files to provide maximum image quality and flexibility. 

Photo credits should be included wherever possible. For official university photography, the credit should be worded as “UAF photo by [name of photographer].” If the photographer isn’t known or photos are provided by the subject of a story, use “Photos courtesy of [name, department or organization].” 

Photos in UAF presentations, publications, signage and advertising in print and/or online must have the consent of identifiable individuals on a signed model release. Permission of persons obviously posing for a photo is implied, so no release is needed in such instances. Other exceptions include photos of individuals participating in a public performance (theater, athletics, dance, etc.) or public crowd shots in which no individual is singled out.


Example photo styles

Collage of brand photo examples depicting academics and research
Academics and research

Photos in this style should feature both people and their classroom environments. Subjects should feel immersed in their surroundings, not posed. Each image should capture the authentic nature of the work being done. While these shots capture the breathtaking beauty and unique places that our students and faculty find themselves in, they should not shy away from showing the grittier aspects of the work we do in the field. 

Collage of brand photo examples depicting environment

This category offers the chance to capture the culture of our university and beauty of our environment. Showcase the features of Alaska through sweeping landscapes and intriguing topographies. Depict the natural atmosphere of our campus by focusing on wide-open spaces and people interacting with their environment. Photos of subjects traversing the landscape can emphasize the vastness of our unique learning environment. 

Collage of brand photos focusing on details

This photo style showcases all of the small things that add context to our bigger-picture environment shots. When photographing around campus, it’s always a good idea to zoom in on a wide shot and snag a few shots of what makes the composition unique. People can be present, but the focus should be less on the individual and more on what they’re doing or what they’re interacting with, at a much closer level. It’s about zeroing in on the many things — subtle, small and often overlooked — that make our story unique.

Photo of person on a snowy landscape driving a snowmobile that is pulling equipment behind it. A color sundog overlay highlights the corners on the photo.
Sundog overlay

The sundog overlay is a visual representation of the colored spots of light caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere. The overlay should always be seamlessly integrated within the composition and should never overpower the subject.