The residential area is purposefully somewhat separate from the rest of camp to allow for privacy at the end of the day. Quiet hours there are enforced from 10pm to 8am every day of the week. 

During the snow-free months, there is a no shoe policy in all dorm facilities. 

Accommodations at the station are comfortable, but can be somewhat rustic. Lodging is provided in hard-sided structures (dorms) and WeatherPort (WP) tents. Some residents may opt to camp in their own tent on the edges of camp, in an area referred to as “tent city”. 

All camp accommodations are outfitted with bed frames, mattresses and pillows, as well as minimal furniture to store clothes. Most hard-sided rooms can host 2 people, but we make our best effort to house residents individually for more privacy. At times of peak operations, residents may be housed in one of the many WP tents. Housing assignments are based on energy considerations (especially during colder shoulder seasons), length of stay and specific needs.

  • Dorms:

    Dorm hallway

    • In 2019, 2 new dorms were constructed and named “Raven” and “Dragonfly”. These dorms each have 14 single rooms. Each room is well furnished, with plenty of storage to settle for a few weeks, and a desk. The buildings are dry (no running water). These buildings are not utilized in the winter months but if needed, they can be heated and used during the colder season.
    • In 2018, the dorm “Muskox” was constructed with 8 double rooms. Each room is well furnished with 2 twin beds, and plenty of storage to settle for a few weeks. These rooms do not have desks however.  The buildings are dry (no running water), but one of the TFS towers (out-houses) is directly adjacent to the building. Muskox is typically used in the shoulder season, but shut down during the winter months. 
    • Dorm “Grayling” also has 8 double rooms, fully furnished with storage and a desk, and is a dry building. This building is also shut down during the winter month. 
    • “Cotton-Grass” is the only year-round accommodation. It has 8 double rooms, fully furnished with desk, and with direct access to men’s and women’s shower rooms. It has a small lounge area, and a large arctic-entry for shoe storage. A laundry room is also available in the facility. 

Muskox - double room

Raven/Dragonfly - single room

Grayling room

Cotton Grass room

Muskox room

Cotton Grass - double room

  • WeatherPorts (WP):
    • Most WPs can accommodate 1 to 3 people, and typically are divided in two sides. All are furnished with storage and desk, to make longer stays as conformable as possible. 
    • A few of the bigger WPs are set up as dorms that  can accommodate up to 6 people, have minimal storage, and usually used for field classes staying in camp for a short duration
    • WPs are poorly insulated, hence the importance of respecting quiet hours.
    • They are heated with individual space heaters for colder nights.

Double room WP

Single room WP

Single room WP


Double room WP

WP row