Earn dual credit

As a result of the direct partnership between Northwest Campus and the Northwestern Alaska Career and Technical Center (NACTEC), BSSD and NPS students participating with NACTEC programs can earn dual (high school and college) credit through certain offerings. Currently, dual credit will be awarded to students who successfully complete the following NACTEC classes:

*NACTEC classes are for high school students only. Speak to your principal or guidance counselor, or contact NACTEC directly for a complete schedule, more information or to register at 907-443-3507.



Survival Swimming

1 cr.

Driver's Education

2 cr.


1-3 cr.

NCCER Core Curriculum

5 cr.

NCCER Carpentry I

6.5 cr.

Personal Care Attendant

4 cr.

Certified Nurse Assistant

6 cr.

Emergency Trauma Technician

3 cr.

Small Engine Repair

1 cr.

Early Childhood Education

1 cr.

Introduction to the Health Field

3 cr.