Placement Testing


Math Placement

To register for a math or science course that requires a certain math placement, you must first submit proof of passing grade in a prior college math course, score of 4 or higher in AP Calculus AB and/or BC, to OR take the free  ALEKS placement exam.

Writing Placement

To register for Writing Across Contexts (WRTG F111X) or to place into courses with a WRTG F111X prerequisite, you must

  • submit either ACT or SAT standardized test scores (within two years of testing)
  • or score of 3 or higher in AP English Literature or AP English Language exams
  • or provide proof of a 3.0 high school cumulative GPA or higher (currently or within one year of graduating from high school)

Submit materials to

If none of the above options apply please submit a writing sample through our alternative Writing Placement option.



Instructions for taking the ALEKS math placement:

High school dual enrollment students: Obtain a UA ID and username by registering for your course(s) at UAF eCampus will then send you an email with your ID and username.

All other students: Go to and select Option 2 to set or reset your UA password, if needed.

There are two ways to take the ALEKS exam.
  • Log in to ALEKS. This can be done from any computer with an internet connection. 
  • Students can always contact a local campus or testing center for assistance with ALEKS.
We recommend setting aside three hours for this placement. You can retest up to four times but you must spend at least three hours in the study prep modules between the first and second attempt and five hours between subsequent attempts.
If a screenreader version of the test is needed, please contact UAF Disability Services.

UAF will automatically receive your ALEKS score but you must proactively reach out to your advisor to discuss placement.

Alaska Advantage students should contact the Alaska Advantage Coordinator at

If you’re not sure who your advisor is, go here


Instructions for Writing placement:




Students can take ACCUPLACER if they have access to a proctoring site. UAF eCampus Exam Services is available for students in the Fairbanks area. Please note that many proctoring locations are still not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact UAF eCampus at for assistance with ACCUPLACER proctoring outside the Fairbanks area.

Schedule a time to come in to UAF eCampus Exam Services or your local proctor and bring a copy of your photo ID when you arrive at the site. It is recommended to set aside three hours to make sure you have plenty of time to finish the exam. The placement will score automatically when you finish so make sure to get a copy of your scores before leaving.

Your advisor will have access to your placement results a few days after you complete the Accuplacer. When you meet with your advisor, they will help determine your best placement. Locate your advisor if you're not sure who your advisor is.

English Department Writing Sample


Go to the English department writing sample/placement. On the writing sample form, include your UA ID (if known) and your UAF advisor’s name. Alaska Advantage students should list their advisor as Amy Bristor. If you do not have a Google email account, you can get one by requesting a UA username and ID

The UAF English department will email you (and the advisor listed on the form) with your placement results. This may take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks at peak testing times at the beginning of each semester, so please test early.

Contact your advisor to discuss course selection once you have received your placement email from the English department. Alaska Advantage students should contact the Alaska Advantage Coordinator at Locate your advisor if you're not sure who your advisor is.




Frequently asked questions about placement exams at UAF.

Most new college students will need to take the ALEKS math placement, but you should work closely with your advisor to determine which placements you may need. Students with transfer, Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate credit may not need to take a placement for math and/or writing. High school students taking classes should work with the dual enrollment coordinator (

No, ALEKS math placement and ACCUPLACER are unique to each school. 

Yes, but they may not accept the scores since each school develops their own scoring system for placement. There is no official system for submitting scores. If you need help looking up your test scores, please contact us at

Make sure you’re logging in to the UAF instance of ALEKS at and select UAF as your campus. You must start the study modules within six weeks of completing the test or you will need to take the test again to access the modules.

There are many pathways depending on your goals, and you may find you are eligible for multiple classes. Please contact your advisor to figure out the best class for you based on your placement! Alaska Advantage students should contact the Alaska Advantage Coordinator at

Rural students can coordinate placement testing (as well as advising and enrollment) with their local rural campus staff.

The system may take up to 24 hours to receive and process your score. Your score is good for 12 months, after which point ALEKS must be taken again. You may also be trying to register for a course you did not place into, or have a registration hold on your account. Please contact your advisor for assistance. Alaska Advantage students should contact the Alaska Advantage Coordinator at

You must spend at least three hours using the study prep modules between the first and second attempt and five hours between subsequent attempts.

Make sure you’re logging in at (do not search online for ALEKS and log in there). You must have a UA username and password to log in to ALEKS. If you logged in as a guest, you were at the wrong ALEKS location. Please see Math placement steps above for how to retrieve your UA username and password.

Go to Do not search online for ALEKS and click a general link.

You will need to start a new ALEKS exam by logging in at ALEKS exams must be completed within 72 hours or you will need to restart the exam. ALEKS scores also expire after 12 months.

Access to the study modules expire six weeks from your date of testing.