Adjunct Faculty Opportunities


Would you like to teach for Northwest Campus?

Northwest Campus seeks local and/or regional professors.  If you want to teach and have a skill, work experience or a degree, please contact us about opportunities.

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Many of our courses are taught by adjunct instructors. Northwest Campus adjunct instructors teach community interest courses, workforce training, language, arts, traditional knowledge and courses that are required for various degrees. 

An adjunct usually has formal education, credentials and practical work experience. While some subjects like math, English, and political science require advanced degrees, other subjects require less or even no formal education at all.

Adjunct positions are on a semester-by-semester contract basis. Successful acceptance into the adjunct pool does not guarantee an offer of a contract. Employment is dependent on UAF course approval. Duties to include instruction, advising students in subject matter and developing a course outline, syllabus, teaching materials, and tests as needed.

Sonja Schaeffer

Program Development Manager

Anyone interested in becoming an adjunct is encouraged to contact Sonja.

How-to Become an Adjunct at the Northwest Campus

Step 1: Inquire about Open Adjunct Positions

Contact Sonja Schaeffer about current adjunct opportunities.

Step 2: Create your Resume or Curriculum Vitae

All adjuncts must submit a resume or curriculum vitae (a more complex type of resume for professional educators).

Sample Resume

Step 3: Create your Sample Syllabus

All adjuncts are required to submit a proposed syllabus for each class that they seek to teach.

Learn to write a syllabus

Step 4: Submit your Application

Submit all materials to Sonja Schaeffer  including:

  • Resume or Vitae
  • Syllabus for each class
  • Any other materials as requested

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