Courses are available to you as:

  • Local and regional courses taught by Northwest Campus faculty. NWC offers community interest courses, such as painting, ceramics, and computer applications that are taught face-to-face in a traditional classroom setting. NWC faculty also teach distance delivered courses as part of CRCD's schedule, which includes the Bering Strait region. These are listed in the College of Rural and Community Development's Fall and Spring Schedule, but they can also be viewed through UAOnline at the Class Schedule link on the front page. As additional courses become available, NWC will advertise through local media, its NWC News Group, and this website.
  • UAF eCampus offers online courses and fully online degrees. You can find these courses and degrees, and register online through UAF eCampus website

These various schedules of courses offer instruction through audioconferences, paper-based correspondence, web-based correspondence, and Internet-based class meetings.

Please contact Northwest Campus by phone 800-478-2202 or 907-443-2201, fax 907-443-5602, or email for current course offerings.

Dual credit courses

As a result of the direct partnership between Northwest Campus and the Northwestern Alaska Career and Technical Center (NACTEC), BSSD and NPS students participating with NACTEC programs can earn dual (high school and college) credit through certain offerings. Currently, dual credit will be awarded to students who successfully complete the following NACTEC classes:



Survival Swimming

1 cr.

Driver's Education

2 cr.


1-3 cr.

NCCER Core Curriculum

5 cr.

NCCER Carpentry I

6.5 cr.

Personal Care Attendant

4 cr.

Certified Nurse Assistant

6 cr.

Emergency Trauma Technician

3 cr.

Small Engine Repair

1 cr.

Early Childhood Education

1 cr.

Introduction to the Health Field

3 cr.

*NACTEC classes are for high school students only. Speak to your principal or guidance counselor, or contact NACTEC directly for a complete schedule, more information or to register at 907-443-3507.

Upcoming Courses


with Carol Gales

Start: May 28- June 11, 2022, Choose your Saturday class / One 12-hour day workshop / non-credit workshop
Time: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
REGISTER BY: For May 28 class - May 20 CRN: 53181

                             For June 4 class - May 27 CRN: 53238
                             For June 11 class - June 3 CRN: 53180

Cost: $45 per trip

FIELD TRIPS (NOME): Travel the roads of Nome to view the spring bird migration. Each trip will take participants along a different route (Council, Kougarok, and Teller roads) depending on road conditions and migration progress. These are day-long trips with no facilities or amenities along the way, so be prepared for all manner of weather and bring plenty of food and water.

Carol Gales started birding after taking a Birds of Alaska course at Northwest Campus 15 years ago. She has been guiding visiting birders through her business, Roam Nome.



with Brian Marvin


Location: Nome
: June 1-June 2, Wed and Thurs, Two 2-hour sessions
Time: 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Credit:  non-credit / NONC 001

Cost: $30*
*NSEDC/NWC spring 2022 price rollback! Regular price $40

Course and instructor information: Get ready for fishing season by learning to mend nets in this workshop! Bring a net in need of repair or work on a net provided in class. Supplies are provided for use during class.

Brian Marvin has taught vocational courses at Shishmaref and Brevig Mission, and science at Nome-Beltz High School. He currently teaches at NACTEC.