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Workforce Development Recruitment Flyer
We Are Hiring: Workforce Development Specialist

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis,

The Northwest Campus Workforce Development Specialist collaborates with various stakeholders to identify and maintain programs that meet regional workforce need, serving as an ambassador for the Northwest Campus. This position requires strong communication and research skills.

  • Location: Nome, Alaska
  • Full-time, salaried, exempt position


Marilyn Koezuna-Irelan teaching how to make an atigi.
UAF Northwest Campus offers one of a kind arts course

By Ava White

While all University of Alaska (UA) institutions offer unique traditional Alaska Native courses on languages and arts, the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ (UAF) Northwest Campus (NWC) offers an atigi, or a traditional King Island parka making course.  

Among the three UA colleges, UAF, University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), and University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), UAF stands as the only university in the United States to offer a class in traditional parka crafting.


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Feeding the Last Frontier (part 3): A Reindeer Called Rhonda

Sun and Soil is regretful to report that in the past few months, we've gained no solid evidence that reindeer can fly. However, we have gained a good deal of evidence that they have the potential to play a great role in increasing food security in Alaska! This week we take a trip to Nome to talk with Bonnie Scheele (owner of Midnite Sun Reindeer Ranch and 4th generation reindeer herder) and Jackie Hrabok (Assistant Professor of the High Latitude Range Management Program at UAF and reindeer expert) about these smart and sustainable animals. We discuss the history of reindeer in the state, Sami reindeer herding in Finland, the specifics of reindeer herding, the upcoming farm bill, and what needs to happen in order for Alaskan reindeer herding to reach its full potential.

Feeding the Last Frontier is a six part series on food security in Alaska. We talk to the key players in the state's food system, discuss the system's strengths and weaknesses, and ask—can the last frontier feed itself?