Geology Field Camp (Field Geology Part 1 & 2)

Field Geology - Part 1

June 17 - July 7, 2024

3 weeks - 3 credits


Field Geology - Part 2

July 8 - August 3, 2025

4 weeks - 4 credits


Students from outside Alaska are welcome to apply!


Starting 2024, the UAF Geology Field Camp is divided into two sections spread over two summers - three weeks in the first and four weeks in the second summer - rather than one 6-week field camp every other summer in odd years. The sections complement each other, section 1 provides the skills necessary to successfully complete section 2. However, each section can be taken individually. For UAF students, it is highly recommended to take both field camps in the sequential order.

The Geology Field Camp in Alaska is a truly unique experience. The instructors are UAF faculty members that are among the most field-oriented earth scientists in the nation, and have research projects in many remote areas of Alaska. The field course takes advantage of the great variety of different geologic settings offered by Alaska’s complex geology. Students are given the opportunity to develop field mapping skills in regions with volcanic, metamorphic and igneous rocks, clastic and carbonate sedimentary rocks, and complex structural relations. Different members of the faculty will join the students in each area to share their knowledge and experience.

The UAF Geology Field Camp will appeal to students who enjoy remote wilderness camping. The camp is unique in that the main study area in the Talkeetna Mountains is reached by bush plane. In this remote and mountainous setting, strenuous hiking is a daily activity, with full exposure to changing weather. Field mapping and camp life in general require cooperation and teamwork.

Detailed 2024 schedule (available March 2024)


Questions?  Please contact Field Camp Director, Dr. Jochen Mezger at (907) 474-7809,