Seismology and Geodesy

Our research in seismology and geodesy includes studies of problems of global interest, with a special emphasis on seismic and geodetic measurements of Alaska's dynamic tectonics. We study earthquakes in the solid Earth and glaciers, crustal and mantle structure, active tectonics and deformation of the Earth. We emphasize fieldwork and use of new primary data sources in much of our research. Department faculty members are associated with the Geophysical Institute’s Seismology and Volcanology groups, where several cooperating Research Professors are based. UAF faculty, staff and students are directly involved in operational monitoring of earthquakes and volcanoes in Alaska through the Alaska Earthquake Center and Alaska Volcano Observatory. Currently, National Science Foundation’s EarthScope program is providing unprecedented opportunities for our Alaska-focused research.

Our research specialties in seismology include earthquakes, crustal structure and earthquake hazards in Alaska, tsunamis from great earthquakes in Alaska, volcano seismicity and structure, seismic monitoring of volcanoes, glacier seismicity, and the use of infrasound to study volcanic explosions. Our research specialties in geodesy include tectonic deformation in Alaska and China, large earthquakes, deformation of the Earth due to active volcanism, vertical motions and sea level, and the response of the earth to changing hydrologic and cryospheric loads.

Department Faculty

Bryant Chow
Ronni Grapenthin
Carl Tape

Collaborating Faculty

David Fee
Ezgi Karasozen
Revathy Parameswaran
Natalia Ruppert
Michael West

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