Current Students

Our department currently serves 74 undergraduates and premajors and 81 graduate students seeking BS, MS, and PhD degrees in different disciplines within the Geosciences. Our diverse, international student body includes students from Alaska, many other states in the US, and a number of different countries. Students are attracted to UAF for their Geosciences degrees because of the many excellent opportunities available here. Alaska is extremely tectonically active (volcanoes and earthquakes), hosts rich mineral and petroleum resources, and provides a wide array of amazing natural laboratories for student learning.

Department Graduate Student Guidelines

Below are the forms, guidelines and checklists that are needed by all graduate students in the Department of Geology & Geophysics. Please review each of these that are relevant to your situation, whether you are just starting your graduate studies as a new student in the department, are preparing for your comprehensive exam, or are getting ready to schedule your defense or finish your thesis. You should also review these forms and discuss them with your graduate thesis committee members and advisor, preferably during your first committee meeting. This is to ensure that both student and committee are aware of the guidelines and are committed to a successful graduate school experience. Please review the guidelines with your committee as needed throughout your graduate school program.

Incoming Graduate List    
TA Checklist PDF Word
RA Checklist PDF Word
Commitment List    
For Mentors PDF Word
For Graduate Students PDF Word
Comprehensive Exam Departmental Guidelines    
For M.S. Students PDF  
For Ph.D. Students PDF  
Supplement for Solid Earth Concentration    
Thesis Guidelines    
Thesis Departmental Guidelines    
Thesis Presentation Departmental Guidelines    
Annual thesis committee meetings (geophysics)    

Evaluation of Oral Defense of Theses and Dissertations

For M.S and Ph.D Students Google form




Evaluation of Written Work

For Capstone, Proposal, Thesis, Dissertation Google form


Annual Student Publication Report

Department of Geosciences Annual Report Attachment Google form

Once you have begun your graduate program there are documentation requirements that are to be completed at designated times

Appointment of Graduate Advisory Committee -  This form is due by the end of your first semester and anytime your committee members change.

Graduate Study Plan - Due by the end of your second semester.

Annual Report of Graduate Advisory Committee - Due every year by May 15th for people who were admitted in a Summer or Fall term.  Due every year by December 15th for those who were admitted in a Spring semester.

Report on Comprehensive Exam

Project Defense Report or Report on Thesis or Dissertation Defense

Request for Outside Examiner for Ph.D. defenses and oral comprehensive exams - Needs to be submitted at least 10 business days before your scheduled defense.  Sooner is better

Advancement to Candidacy - Master's Degree - This is due at least one semester before the semester you intend to graduate.

Advancement to Candidacy - Ph.D. Degree - To be completed after they have your written comprehensive exam. The Advancement to Candidacy form is due at least one semester before the semester you intend to graduate.

Project Approval Form or Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form - These forms should be submitted with a final post-defense, committee and Department Chair approved final version of your Project, Thesis or Dissertation.  There are specific deadlines for each semester


Safety and Support Contacts

Graduation deadlines



Spring Graduation Summer Graduation
Advancement to Candidacy July 15 October 15 February 15
Apply to Graduate October 15 February 1 July 15
Committee-approved thesis to Chair* (~1 month prior to grad school) October 27 March 7 July 1
Chair-approved thesis to Dean*  (~2 weeks prior to grad school) November 14 March 22 July 15
Dean-approved thesis to ProQuest (graduate School) November 28 April 7

August 1

                                                     *dates will vary slightly year-to-year