Our research group in paleontology studies a variety of ancient organisms to interpret the history of life. Departmental faculty conduct research abroad but place particular emphasis on the study of Alaskan fossil plants and animals. Field investigations to collect new data and specimens are conducted across the state, from dinosaur rich deposits on the North Slope to the Alaska peninsula. We use plant macrofossils, pollen and spores to reconstruct ancient climates and ecosystems. In recent years research has also focused on exciting new discoveries of dinosaurs from several new localities in the state.

Paleontological research at UAF is conducted in association with the University of Alaska Museum, which houses the largest collection of Alaskan fossils anywhere. The museum's holdings include important Alaskan material including 1) a world-class collection of arctic dinosaurs; 2) Quaternary mammals; 3) Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleobotanical specimens; 4) a large collection of Phanerozoic invertebrates.

For more information about Paleontology research at UAF, please visit the following website:

Museum of the North

Department Faculty

Sarah Fowell
Patrick Druckenmiller

Cooperating Faculty

Lara Horstmann