Deadlines and application forms

All dates are for Part 1 - 2024

February 16: Application deadline for UAF students

March 4: Application deadline for non-UAF students. Please contact the field camp director for seat availability after the deadline.

March 8: Deadline for letters of recommendation (non-UAF students only)

March 22: Application deadline for the GSA J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarship ($2,000 award)

June 17: Start of Field Camp. Non-UAF students: Make sure that you arrive in Fairbanks at least a day earlier

July 7: Official end Field Camp

Submission deadline for the final report will be announced separately.


Application forms for Part 1 (2024)

Application for Part 2 will be available in the fall of 2024. Note that you need to apply for Part 2 separately. Successful participation in Part 1 does not guarantee a spot in Part 2.


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