Scope of Field Camp

The primary focus of our Field Camp is geologic mapping. Mapping projects in Interior Alaska, the Alaska Range, and the Talkeetna Mountains allow students to develop, in stepwise fashion, advanced skills in topographic map reading, geologic observation, construction of geologic maps and map interpretation.  The skills you acquired will help you understand the geologic history of the mapped region, develop a tectonic model, or simply speaking, understand the bigger geologic picture. It finally makes (more) sense!

GEOS F495 is a writing-intensive course, thus emphasis will be placed on effective report writing, including organization, clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing.

Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Collecting lithologic and structural data and documenting them with analogue and digital tools
  2. Making field geologic maps in a variety of different rock types and structures
  3. Turning a field geologic map into a professional-quality final geologic map
  4. Writing short and also extensive geologic reports of near-professional quality
  5. Working with others in a (sometimes adverse) field setting
  6. Designing and executing daily field traverses designed to most efficiently create a geologic map
  7. Managing field projects
  8. Integrating some geophysical data into your geologic mapping.
  9. Sketch map geology from a distance
  10. Practice safety in the field
  11. Understand the bigger geologic picture: developing geologic and tectonic model


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