Friday Seminars

Fall semesters ESS 492/692

A captivating seminar series featuring top researchers delving into a specific topic related to Earth System Science.

Spring semesters GEOS F482/682

This is a seminar series on a geologic or geophysical theme of current interest.

Spring 2024 schedule - Fridays at 3:30 in Reichardt 202 unless otherwise noted


Date Speaker and title Presentation type  
1/26/2024 Tyson Swetnam & Jeff Gillan, CyVerse, University of Arizona
"Open Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Flying Robots"
In person and Zoom No recording

Trystan Herriott, AGGS
"High-precision, Zircon-Based Chronostratigraphy in Alaska: Advances and Insights from Mesozoic Strata in the Cook Inlet Forearc and Colville Foreland Basins"

In person and Zoom

Passcode: 5a*rdu%P

Cancelled- No Seminar this week
2/16/2024 Jochen Mezger, UAF Geosciences
"Assembling Europe: How Gondwana and the Rheic Ocean Created a Tricky Terrane Puzzle 350 Myr ago"
In person and Zoom

Passcode: @9j59wWU

2/23/2024 Elisabeth Nadin, Communications Manager, Alaska Earthquake Center, UAF

"What do we do at the Alaska Earthquake Center?"

In person and Zoom

Passcode: #y9%6KKN

3/1/2024 Molly Zebker, University of Texas at Austin
"Links Between Fluid Injection/Production and Surface Deformation: a Scalable InSAR Processing Strategy Applied to Three Texas Basins"
Zoom only at 11:45  
3/8/2024 Regine Hock, University of Oslo and University of Alaska Fairbanks
"Between Science and Policy Making: Impressions from the Climate Summit (COP28) in Dubai"
In person and Zoom  
3/15/2024  Spring Break  No Seminar    
3/22/2024 Jeffery Cox, Bryan Babb, and Nick Lock,  Kinross Ft. Knox
"Geologic Overview of the Kinross Alaska Mines"
In person and Zoom  
3/29/2024 Adina Pusok , Oxford University
Zoom only at 11:45  
4/5/2024 Marisa Acosta, UAF Geosciences
In person and Zoom  
4/12/2024 Regine Hock, University of Oslo and University of Alaska Fairbanks
"Global Glacier Meltdown: Every Degree Temperature Increase Matters!"
In person and Zoom  
4/19/2024 Robert Gillis, ADGGS
In person and Zoom  
4/26/2024 Philippe Lognonne, Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP)
In person and Zoom  
5/3/2024 UAF Geosciences Award Show award and Ice Cream Social ice cream In person!