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Dr. Bernard Coakley, Professor

Contact: bjcoakley@alaska.edu or (907) 474-5385


GEOS 438/638 - Basin Analysis

GEOS 416 - Applied Geophysics in alternate years.

Research: Marine geophysics

Curriculum Vitae

GI Tectonics and Sedimentation




Dr. Cary De Wit, Associate Professor of Geography

Contact:  cwdewit@alaska.edu or 907-474-7141

GEOG 302 - Geography of Alaska
GEOG 303 - Geography of the U.S. and Canada
GEOG 305 - Geography of Europe
GEOG 311 - Geography of Asia
GEOG 312 - People, Places & Env: Principles of Human Geography
GEOG 420 - Geopolotics of Energy

Research interests:
Cultural geography, North American regional cultures, rural cultures, perceptual geography, and sense of place. Recent research interests are popular perceptions of Alaska and the expression of frontier ideology in Alaskan politics, culture, and landscape.

B.S., 1984 University of Kansas
M.A., 1992 University of Kansas
Ph.D., 1997, University of Kansas



Dr. Patrick Druckenmiller, Associate Professor of Geology

Earth Sciences Curator, University of Alaska Museum

Contact: psdruckenmiller@alaska.edu or (907) 474-6954


GEOS 106 - Life in the Age of Dinosaurs
GEOS 317 - Paleontological Research and Laboratory Methods
GEOS/BIOL 486/686 - Vertebrate Paleontology

Research: Vertebrate paleontology specializing in Mesozoic marine reptiles; plesiosaur and ichthyosaur phylogeny; Jurassic marine reptiles of Svalbard, Norway; Alaskan dinosaurs

Curriculum Vitae

Museum of the North




F - G


Dr. Sarah Fowell, Associate Professor

2006-2007 Outstanding Teacher Award

Contact: sjfowell@alaska.edu or (907) 474-7810


Research: Reconstruction of ancient ecosystems and climates through identification of pollen and spores preserved in lacustrine sediments or rocks.

Curriculum Vitae




H - I - J - K 


Dr. Regine Hock, Professor

Contact: rehock@alaska.edu or (907) 474-7691

Teaching:  Glaciers (GEOS 617)
                  Glaciers, Volcanoes and Earthquakes (GEOS 120, glaciers module of the course)

Research: Glacier mass balance, glacier meteorology and hydrology, modeling the response of glaciers to climate change, and the contribution of glacier wastage to global sea-level rise.

Curriculum Vitae

Geophysical Institute Page




Dr. Jessica Larsen, Professor

Contact: jflarsen@alaska.edu or (907) 474-7992


GEOS 120 - Volcanoes module (Earthquakes, Glaciers, Volcanoes)

GEOS 406 - Volcanology

GEOS 670 - Selected Topics in Volcanology

Research: Volcanology and petrology

Curriculum Vitae

Geophysical Institute Page

Personal Website



Dr. Chris Maio, Assistant Professor of Coastal Geography

Contact: cvmaio@alaska.edu, 907-474-5651

GEOG 111  Physical Geography w/Lab
GEOG/GEOS 339  Change Detection in Arctic Systems w/Lab
GEOG/GEOS 483  Research Design, Writing, Presentation Methods
GEOS/GEOG 460/660  The Dynamic Alaskan Coastline

My research focuses on elucidating coastal environmental changes occurring over multiple spacial and temporal scales in response to natural and anthropogenic drivers. This research will be an important component to developing appropriate mitigation and adaptation strategies to climate change along Alaska's coastline.

Curriculum Vitae

Earth and Environment: Elements of Physical Geography (4 credits)

Mapping and Landscape Analysis (4 credits)

Research Design, Writing and Presentation Methods


Dr. Dan Mann, Assistant Professor of Geography


Curriculum Vitae


Current/recent postdoctoral fellows and graduate students

Publications PDFs


forest ecology, ice-age climate change, and the interactions between prehistoric humans and changing climate.

Course Syllabi:
Biogeography - GEOG 418 and BIOL 618
Ice Age Alaska - GEOG 493 / 693
Climate Change Processes ATM 494/694 and GEOG 494/694 (4 credits)


Dr. Paul McCarthy, Professor

Department Chair

Contact:  pjmccarthy@alaska.edu or (907) 474-6894


Research: Paleolandscape evolution, alluvial architecture and nonmarine sequence stratigraphy

Curriculum Vitae

GI Tectonics and Sedimentation


Dr. Franz J. Meyer, Associate Professor

Contact: fjmeyer@alaska.edu or (907) 474-7767


Research: Development of advanced SAR, InSAR, PS-InSAR

Curriculum Vitae

Geophysical Institute Page

Research Website



Dr. Jochen Mezger, Field Camp Director

Contact:  jemezger@alaska.edu or (907) 474-7809

Curriculum Vitae


GEOS 225 - Field and Computer Methods (Spring, co-teaching with Rainer Newberry)
GEOS 351 - Geology Field Camp (Summer, 8 weeks, co-teaching with various faculty)
GEOS 605 - Geochronology (Fall, co-teaching with Elisabeth Nadin)

- Interaction between metamorphism and deformation
- Microtectonics
- Metamorphism of metasedimentary rocks
- Gneiss domes
- Axial Zone of the Pyrenees


N - O


Dr. Elisabeth Nadin, Associate Professor

Contact: enadin@alaska.edu or (907) 474-5181


GEOS 475/675 = Presentation Techniques (co-teach with R. Newberry, Fall)
GEOS 309 = Tectonics (Fall)
GEOS 605 = Geochronology (co-teach with P. Layer every other Fall)
GEOS 101 = Dynamic Earth (Spring)
GEOS 222 = Fundamentals of Geospatial Science (Spring)

Research Website

: Elisabeth Nadin studies continental fault zones to assess the strength of continental crust from the surface to the brittle–plastic transition. Her geological investigations require both field work and lab work. In the field, she maps large and small structures associated with faulting. Back in the lab, various thermochronometers are used to determine ages of fault rocks, and thermobarometers are employed to determine the corresponding depths and temperatures of formation and deformation of rocks in and around the fault zone. Nadin also analyzes rock fabrics by petrographic microscope, electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), and Xray diffraction (XRD) to understand how different minerals—and their relative abundances—affect the overall strength of continental crust. These investigations provide insight into the past development and future evolution of Earth's crust.

Currently, Nadin is working in the mid- to lower-crustal sections of the Talkeetna Arc, southeast Alaska. Her investigations include 1) a geochemical comparison of mid-crustal arc levels from the Jurassic and today (as preserved in xenoliths of the active Aleutian arc); 2) detrital-zircon studies of metasediments associated with the Talkeetna Arc; and 3) rock flow fabrics preserved within the middle and lower crustal levels of this accreted arc.

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Rainer Newberry, Professor

Contact: rjnewberry@alaska.edu or (907) 474-6895


Research: Genesis of ores and ore deposit exploration, field and theoretical geochemistry

Curriculum Vitae


P - Q


Dr. Erin Pettit, Assistant Professor of Geophysics

Contact: ecpettit@alaska.edu or (907) 474-5389

Teaching:  GEOS 620: Geodynamics (Fall 2008, Fall 2010)
                  GEOS 692: Reading Seminar in Glaciology (Spring 2009, Spring 2011)
                  GEOS 4?? (t.b.a., Fall 2011)
                  International Glaciology Summer School
                            (http://www.gi.alaska.edu/snowice/glaciers/events/summer_school/, 2010)

Research: Glacier dynamics and climate change

Curriculum Vitae

Geophysical Institute Page

Girls on Ice (http://girlsonice.org)




R - S

Sean Regan

Contact: sregan5@alaska.edu

Teaching:  Mineralogy/Petrology

Research: Growth and evolution of continental crust

Website: https://regangeology.com/



Dr. Vladimir Romanovsky, Professor

Contact: veromanovsky@alaska.edu or (907) 474-7459


Research: Cold region soil engineering problems and modeling

Curriculum Vitae

Geophysical Institute Page


T - U - V


Dr. Carl Tape, Associate Professor of Geophysics

Contact: ctape@alaska.edu or (907) 474-5456

Teaching:  GEOS 626 Applied Seismology
                  GEOS 627 Inverse Problems and Parameter Estimation
                  GEOS 120 Glaciers, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes

Research: Computational and observational seismology; seismic imaging; inverse problems

Curriculum Vitae

Research Website

W - X - Y - Z


Dr. Michael Whalen, Professor

Contact: mtwhalen@alaska.edu or (907) 474-5302

Teaching:  Stratigraphy and sedimentation and environmental geology as well as upper division courses in carbonate petrology, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, and mass extinctions.

Research: Carbonate sedimentology and stratigraph

Curriculum Vitae

Geophysical Institute Page

GI Tectonics and Sedimentation

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