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in the Classroom


Margaret Murie Life Science Building LobbyThe Biology and Wildlife Department is located in the Margaret Murie Building with state-of-the art classrooms and laboratories where students engage in inquiry-based learning and are challenged to pursue their own research passion in a capstone experience. 

We have online courses too!

in the Field


Field work with snowshoe haresUAF is America’s Arctic University. Students and faculty in the Biology and Wildlife Department are at the forefront of documenting and understanding the changing Arctic – its people, plants, animals, and landscape.  

in the Community


Handing out hand lenses in ShishmarefTeaching and research in the Biology and Wildlife Department are intertwined and embedded within the Alaskan communities where we work. Faculty and students endeavor to improve the lives of Alaskans – from developing diet interventions to minimize chronic disease, to understanding how climate change is impacting subsistence resources.


UAF is Alaska’s premier research university and the only PhD-granting institution in the state.  Research in the Department of Biology and Wildlife spans the breadth of the biological sciences, from molecular biology to ecosystem science.  Investigating emerging viral pathogens, microbes that detoxify environmental contaminants, the molecular genetics of obesity and diabetes, impacts of climate change on polar organisms and ecosystems, and more, our faculty work alongside graduate, undergraduate and high school students to address key issues of vital interest to Alaska and beyond.




  • Scholarships available for biology and wildlife students!

    23 November, 2020

    Several scholarships specific to students of Biology and Wildlife are now open for applications through February 15, 2021.  Please see details on the Scholarships Board under the Resources tab.

  • Welcome to the Fall Semester!

    19 August, 2020

    The staff and faculty of the Biology & Wildlife Department welcome students to the 2020-21 academic year. We look forward to seeing you, whether in person or on the computer screen. If you have questions or problems, write us at

  • Keep yourself and others safe

    19 August, 2020
    Don't forget your mask! Face coverings and 6' distancing are mandatory inside Murie and other buildings on campus.
Murie Building
Sunrise reflected in the Margaret Murie Life Science Building. Photo credit: Diane Wagner 2014