Process Improvement

UAF Process Improvement & Training Crew (PIT Crew) Services

Process Improvement efforts at UAF are supported by the PIT Crew, a team of fifteen staff members who have gone through extensive training to become qualified process improvement facilitators. The PIT Crew offers the following services:

Large scale process improvement initiatives

Smaller scale process improvement initiatives

Process mapping sessions

Electronic forms and workflows

Meeting and workshop facilitation

Strategic planning, mission statements, and values sessions

Request a PIT Crew Engagement

PIT Crew support begins with a conversation with the project sponsor or departmental leadership. Interested departments can start that conversation by filling out the intake form, or by contacting Amber Leytem (, 474-5113).

You will be asked to provide a short description of the project, the desired timeline, and the identified project sponsor (the sponsor is the person ultimately responsible for the process, such as a director or vice chancellor).

Benefits of PIT Crew Projects

Breaking down barriers: “The process improvement efforts have provided clarity, transparency and most importantly improvements on both sides.”

Empowering staff: “It’s ongoing now – the process bleeds over to daily aspects of my job and within my department, allowing me to think outside the box when it comes to finding solutions.”

Supporting change: “Change is being promoted from daily users not just from the top down, creating a feeling of partnership with administration.”

Improving customer service: “Customers love that they don't have to come down here or walk a paper around for signatures.”

Encouraging open communication: “Our communications, project management, and customer satisfaction has improved tremendously. This would not have happened without the help of our facilitators walking us through this process.”

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