Welcome to UAF Process Improvement

Process Improvement efforts at UAF are supported by the PIT Crew, a team of fifteen staff members who have gone through extensive training to become qualified process improvement facilitators. 

Our primary goals include:
  • Aligning projects to UAF's Strategic Planning Goals
  • Streamlining processes from business to academics
  • Reducing cost to UAF but providing high quality service
  • Maximizing value for the University by providing high , in-house process improvement capabilities
  • Cross-departmental collaboration of PIT Crew members, contributing their knowledge and skills to give back to the UAF community
  • Providing professional development opportunities for team members


How We Can Help

The PIT Crew offers the following services: 

These projects address a major service area, such as purchasing or employee recruitment. Process improvement facilitators work with a team to understand the current process, document challenges and opportunities for improvement, and make changes. Typically, the timeline for these projects is one to two years from initial planning through full implementation.

Where an area needing improvement is owned or contained by a single group there are opportunities for smaller, faster process improvement initiatives, such as the Marketing and Communications intake process.

 When a group is defining, documenting, or trying to better understand a process, facilitators are available to lead the team through a process mapping session and help produce a clear workflow map.

 PIT Crew facilitators can help implement DocuSign for electronic forms and routing. Support is also available for other electronic workflows and document management. 

Request PIT Crew Engagement

PIT Crew support begins with a conversation with the project sponsor or departmental leadership. Interested departments can start that conversation by filling out the intake form, or by contacting Amber Leytem (arleytem@alaska.edu, 474-5113).

You will be asked to provide a short description of the project, the desired timeline, and the identified project sponsor (the sponsor is the person ultimately responsible for the process, such as a director or vice chancellor).


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