The Fisheries Department is an academic and research unit that takes full advantage of Alaska's wide-ranging natural laboratories with faculty in Interior Alaska as well as Kodiak and Southeast Alaska. Students in Fairbanks and Juneau have an opportunity for association with personnel of federal and state conservation agencies. These agencies not only hire students for summer field work but often offer internship funding opportunities.


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Fisheries in Alaska can only be described by superlatives—the greatest catches, the biggest resources, the longest coast in the nation. The world's most extensive and most valuable fisheries happen here in a spectacular setting. Conservation biology has had some of its greatest successes in Alaska waters over the past 50 years, sustained harvestibility of halibut and salmon among them. But the challenges facing resource biologists today are more complex and demanding than ever. For example, how can the Alaskan pollock fishery, supplying the world with over a million tons of protein each year, be sustained without disruption to the supporting ecosystem? How can the world's last great wild salmon runs continue in the face of growing human competition for habitat? Students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks are preparing to enter this challenging arena, using applied biological techniques ranging from molecular genetics to hip-boot-and-outboard-motor field ecology, to biomathematical analysis of population models. Also, they are training broadly in disciplines outside of science because problem solving in fisheries deals with diverse aspects of life.

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