Marina Washburn

Marina Alcantar

Ph.D. Student

Marine Biology

2120 Koyukuk Drive
236 Irving II
Fairbanks, AK 99775


Texas Christian University
B.S. Biology



Ocean change impacts on three marine species critical to Alaska’s recreational, commercial and subsistence fisheries





Marina is a PhD student and a fourth-generation Alaskan who grew up studying marine biology in Southcentral Alaska. She attended Texas Christian University where she received a BS in Biology with an emphasis in developmental biology. She has previously conducted research in rainforest reestablishment in Costa Rica and participated in research regarding the management of invasive aquatic organisms in Texas waterways. She has also worked for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a fish and wildlife technician managing remote-site sockeye salmon weirs. Her research interests involve understanding how climate change is going to impact species important to communities throughout Alaska, and how science can work to protect these species for future generations.


  • Ocean acidification
  • Oceanic climate change
  • Developmental biology
  • Biocalcification
  • Biogenic mineralogy
  • Experimental biology


Research Overview

My current thesis work revolves around understanding the impacts of projected ocean change on animals of commercial, subsistence and recreational value in Alaska. This includes work regarding ocean acidification impacts on larval Pacific razor clam development and physiology; research on the impacts of ocean acidification and elevated temperature on Bidarki physiology and metabolism; and work regarding the impact of ocean acidification and reduced food availability on juvenile pink salmon growth and physiology.



  • Scientific Diving certification, AAUS, 2018


Awards / Honors

  • Rasmuson Fisheries Research Center Graduate Student Fellowship July 2019–June 2021


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Career Goals

I would like to be a professor at a research institution.