Amanda Kelley

Amanda Kelley

Associate Professor

Marine Biology
Marine Ecology
Environmental Studies
Marine Invertebrates
Scientific Diving

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
2120 Koyukuk Dr.
331 Irving II
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7220


University of California Santa Barbara
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Portland State University
Ph.D. Ecological Physiology

Portland State University
B.S. Biology


Curriculum Vitae



Selected Publications

Kapsenberg, L., Kelley, A.L., Francis, L., Raskin, S. (2015). "Exploring the complexity of ocean acidification: an ecosystem comparison of coastal pH variability". Science Scope. 39(3):51-60.

Kapsenberg, L., Kelley, A.L., Shaw, E.C., Martz, T.R., Hofmann, G.E. (2015). "Near-shore Antarctic pH variability has implications for the design of ocean acidification experiments". Scientific Reports. 5:9638.

Kelley, A. L., Hanson, P.R., Kelley, S. (2015). "Demonstrating the Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Organisms to Support Climate Change Understanding". The American Biology Teacher Journal. 77(4):258-263.

Kelley, A.L., de Rivera, C.E., Grosholz, E.D., Ruiz G.M., and Yamada, S., Gillespie, G. (2015). "Thermogeographic variation in body size of Carcinus maenas, the European green crab". Marine Biology. 162.8(2015):1625-1635.

Kelley, A. L. (2014). "Review: The role thermal physiology plays in species invasion". Conservation Physiology. 2.1:cou045.

Kelley, A. L., de Rivera, C. E., Buckley, B. A. (2013). "Cold tolerance of the invasive Carcinus maenas in the east Pacific: molecular mechanisms and implications for range expansion in a changing climate". Biological Invasions. 1-11.

Kelley, A. L., de Rivera, C. E., Buckley, B. A. (2011). "Intraspecific variation in thermotolerance and morphology of the invasive European green crab, Carcinus maenas, on the west coast of North America". Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 409:70-78.

Kelley, A. L. (2008). "Food web Impacts of the invasive New Zealand Mudsnail in an estuarine system". McNair Online Journals.


  • Ecological physiology
  • Global change biology
  • Remote sensors
  • Invasive biology/ecology
  • Organism–environment interactions: response of species to ocean change; e.g., ocean acidification, increased temperature
  • Cellular and organismal physiology
  • Transcriptomics
  • Coastal ecological processes


Research Overview

My research focuses on organism-environment interactions in coastal marine ecosystems using time-series observational data combined with field and laboratory experiments to predict the response of species to ocean change.


Current Research Projects

  • Currently, my research investigates the transcriptomic response of Antarctic sea urchin larvae to the individual and interacting conditions of future ocean change- including ocean acidification and increased temperature.



  • AAUS Certification


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