Marine Biology

The Marine Biology Department is an academic and research group with faculty who work on the ecology, physiology and biochemistry/molecular biology of marine organisms and investigate their interaction with the environment. Climate change research is a focus of many of our faculty. We work primarily in Alaska and high-latitude systems and from shore-based labs, oceanographic vessels and with local community assistance.

Our Mission

The faculty at the Department of Marine Biology is dedicated to providing exceptional high-latitude research and education experiences and support for our students.

Our Core Values

A core part of Alaska: Alaska’s marine ecosystems are the focal point of our research and education endeavors, and we emphasize field work and relevance to stakeholders.

Core team values: Our collaborative team is dedicated to research, service, education and balancing a strong work ethic with a good sense of humor and love of life.

Education at our core: We are on a quest for knowledge, are committed to education, and strive to provide exceptional high-latitude experiences and support for our students.

Irving-Scholander Memorial Lecture Series 2021

Dr. Hans Thewissen - Walking Whales and other Superheros

Dr. Hans Thewissen - Why do whales have such large brains?