Minor in Marine Science

UAF offers a minor in Marine Science to undergraduate students in all degree programs. The minor curriculum is designed to provide ocean literacy with a broad marine science perspective for students with diverse interests.

Ocean literacy is essential for understanding the earth-system and its connection to many current environmental issues, such as sustainability and climate variability. The State of Alaska is rich in marine resources, and waters surrounding Alaska are linked to the climate system and support diverse marine ecosystems. The minor provides students with an ocean-related foundation that will be an asset for a wide range of careers, such as environmental regulation and policy, fisheries, education, and maritime technology.  The minor also serves as preparation for graduate studies with a marine science focus.

The minor includes coursework and hands-on experience offered primarily by CFOS faculty. A broad selection of electives allows students to create a program that reflects their career interests.

The minor is comprised of 15 credit units, 7 credits from core courses and 8 credits from electives. Students must earn a letter grade of at least C– for their core courses. Letter grades must be obtained in all elective courses.

Students planning the minor should become familiar with the requirements, and should check the course catalog for course description. For advising, contact the Marine Science Minor coordinator at uaf-cfos-ms-minor@alaska.edu.

For more information, please contact Marine Biology Department Chair Lara Horstmann at lara.horstmann@alaska.edu or 907-474-7724.