A fishing boat loaded with fish. Photo by Pam Goddard
Photo by Pam Goddard

Business Solutions for a Changing Arctic

The UAF Blue MBA concentration combines an accredited Master of Business Administration in the College of Business and Security Management with CFOS courses in fisheries, marine biology and oceanography.

Environmental changes occurring throughout the Arctic, and particularly in Alaska’s oceans, coasts and inland waters, present significant challenges and opportunities to the global economy. The UAF Blue MBA program is designed to meet the growing demand for leaders with skills in both business and science, particularly in fisheries, oceanography, and climate science and policy.

The Blue MBA is the only fully online, asynchronous program in the world. Graduates will gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop business models for the sustainable use of marine and freshwater resources. Based at America’s Arctic university, this program is unique to Alaska yet appeals broadly to the national and international business community.

Who Should Apply?

The Blue MBA program is designed for MBA students interested in fisheries and marine sciences. It is particularly beneficial for individuals interested in developing more sustainable use of Alaska and Arctic natural resources and industries, including:

  • Fisheries and aquatic resources
  • Maritime domain awareness
  • Energy and offshore development
  • Tourism and marine navigation
Liza Hasan recovers drifter. Photo by Brenda Konar.
Photo by Brenda Konar

How To Apply

Interested applicants should contact Angel Buchnan, graduate advisor at the College of Business and Security Management, at or 907-474-5227.

Questions about the fisheries and ocean sciences component of the degree should be directed to Ana Aguilar-Islas, associate dean for academic programs, at

UAF eCampus also has information on the online Blue MBA, including a request form for more information.

Online Curriculum

The Blue MBA program allows students to take three approved graduate-level courses from CFOS and pair these with core MBA courses plus two CBSM electives for a total of 30 credits. Courses are offered entirely online in asynchronous format.

College of Business and Security Management Core Courses

  • MBA 617: Organizational Theory for Managers
  • MBA 643: Marketing Management
  • MBA 675: Quantitative Methods for Managers
  • MBA 680: Financial Markets and Strategy
  • MBA 690: Corporate Strategy
  • Two approved SOM or CFOS electives at the F400 or F600 level

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Courses*

  • OCN 681: The Oceans and Global Change 
  • FISH 611: Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems 
  • FISH 687: Fisheries Management 

*CFOS courses offered in other modes are also eligible for the program.

UAF researchers aboard the R/V Sikuliaq. Photo by Roger Topp
Photo by Roger Topp