Associated Students of Business


ASB is a prestigious student group made up of members from other CBSM student organizations and is proud to serve as the Alaska chapter of the National Millennial/GenZ Community. The NMC’s vision is to create a dialogue that effectively changes the conversation about the millennial and GenZ generations. The NMC is a community of millennial and genZ students from around the country who participate in multiple think tank conversations with key influencers in media and business. To do this, they host interviews with top executives from across the country and offer sponsored trips to meet with executives at their national headquarters. ASB affiliation offers tremendous potential and golden opportunities to its members through facilitation and contribution to NMC/GenZ executive conversations, national travel opportunities and networking.



Faculty Advisor

Office: Bunnell Bldg 225E

Phone: 907-474-5872



ASB Office: Bunnell Bldg 219F

ASB Phone: (907) 474-6491

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