Order of Sword and Shield

2024 OSS Inductees
UAF Photo by Leif Van Cise
In-person and virtual attendees waiting to receive regalia at the 2024 CBSM Honor Society Induction Ceremony.

Order of the Sword & Shield is the largest and most respected national honor society representing homeland security, emergency management, and related disciplines. 

The core values of the society are excellence, knowledge, ethics, and peace.

The society’s motto is ex scientia pax which means "out of knowledge comes peace." As an association which represents homeland security, intelligence, and protective security academic disciplines, this has special meaning. With an ultimate goal of peace and safety for all, the protective security profession must utilize knowledge as a primary tool for the accomplishment of this objective. The society recognizes this commitment and the dedication of those individuals achieving academic and professional excellence.


Instructor, Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Office: Bunnell Bldg 222B

Phone: (907) 474-6673

Email: semcgee@alaska.edu