Every year, CBSM releases two newsletters to highlight important CBSM events and achievements, and to acknowledge our hardworking faculty and students.

Turning the Page, Coming of Age: A Journey of Education Between Fathers and Sons

At the UAF College of Business and Security Management, we often refer to our staff, faculty and students as family, and in some cases, it is meant literally. Through two unique families, the McGees and the Wolvertons, we see firsthand the connection, support and fulfillment in these relationships and the long-term impact they hold individually and on the community, on and off of campus. 

Tom Bartels Brews Something Special as He Receives the Business Leader of the Year Award

The UAF Business Leader of the Year (BLOY) dinner and award ceremony is more than a recognition ceremony and a dinner. This year celebrated Tom Bartels, Owner of North Pole Coffee Roasting Co. One of the many distinguishing factors that make BLOY stand out is the participation of UAF students from beginning to end. Students are part of the selection process, volunteer in event management, attend the ceremony and lastly contribute to the post-event evaluations.

Man stands in front of small plane.
Career Explorers Turns Three: Expanding Beyond Fairbanks, and Going with the Flow

Through a series of dual-enrollment professional development courses hands-on career experiences such as resume writing and interviewing, Career Explorers prepares high school students for further opportunity. This year, on two separate planes to the with four students, two instructors, and three YKSD staff, Career Explorers fully intended to bring the program to the village; however, as often happens, weather got in the way with no runway insight.

Magic Meets Management: UAF Business Students Dive into Disney's Imagination Campus

In a remarkable partnership with Disney Imagination Campus™ at Walt Disney World Resort™, students from the UAF College of Business and Security Management (CBSM) participated in a one-of-a-kind inaugural class, Creating Theme Park Magic. This innovative course defied convention, uniting students from diverse academic backgrounds to embark on a unique learning journey at the intersection of education and imagination. Students traveled to Florida to develop their professional skills through a unique curriculum and learning environment.

Shaping Future Leaders: The Power of Professionally Polished

The Professional Polished Program is a collection of opportunities to help prepare students for life beyond college. This week is complete with an etiquette seminar, professional wardrobe building and networking with Alaska's top leaders. The program ends with and evening of one-on-one interviews between students and professionals and a private dinner. Giving students a gentle push into the business world, this left them empowered, with more confidence and experience that can't be found in the classroom.