Student Investment Fund

Student Investment Fund


Student Investment Fund

The Student Investment Fund (SIF) was established in 1991 with an endowment of $100,000. Currently, the SIF is worth approximately $2.1 million and helps to fund student scholarships annually.

Students manage SIF funds and are responsible for all investment decisions. By overseeing a portfolio of high quality, U.S.-listed equities, students are able to experience the growth and volatility of the stock market first hand.

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For more information about this program, contact faculty advisor Kim McGinnis at (907) 474-5218 or

Bloomberg Terminal Gives Students Competitive Edge

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A Bloomberg Terminal is a top-of-the line computer system, providing access to Bloomberg Professional news and databases. A standard in the finance industry, nearly all financial firms have subscriptions to the Bloomberg services, known for revolutionizing the way bankers, analysts, and traders access real-time financial information. McKinley Capital Management, LLC gifted a Bloomberg Terminal to the Student Investment Fund (SIF) -- which may hold the distinction of the northernmost Bloomberg Terminal in operation! The Bloomberg Terminal at UAF gives students a competitive edge over their peers at other universities and better prepares them for professional success.

Student Perspective

Every year, Student Investment Fund students participate in a variety of finance-related competitions, conferences and professional career trips. Last year, these included the CFA Research Challenge in Honolulu, Hawaii and a NYC career trek.

Read on to see what several SIF students had to say about SIF and the trip opportunities.

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SIF Students at JP Morgan Chase & Co. during a trip to New York City in March, 2018 (L to R): Peter Freymueller, Jeremy Weaver, Ben Carstens, JP Landry, Lutfi Lena, Anni Uhl and Celie Hull

I chose to enroll in the SIF course because I was interested in investment as a career path. In addition, the course is considered one of the most challenging courses at the College of Business and Security Management and I wanted to challenge myself. Without a doubt, I have learned more in SIF than I have in any of my courses at UAF. It has been invaluable to my education as it has dramatically enhanced my analytical and interpersonal skills, as well as my knowledge in the fields of finance and economics.

The opportunity to participate in trips and competitions like these connects our Alaskan institution to the rest of the world and proves that students from UAF are just as competitive as those from the rest of the U.S. Being able to talk directly to world-renowned professionals during these experiences is something that really helped to broaden my horizons.

Being a part of the Student Investment Fund has given me opportunities that other students do not have and has taught me how to leverage those opportunities to make the most out of them. The SIF is the reason I have decided to pursue a career in the investment industry and register for the CFA Level 1 Exam while still finishing up my degree. It has allowed me to explore my passion and pass it down to other students, taking on leadership roles and offering me job opportunities both within and outside the state. I firmly believe the Student Investment Fund course allows students to comprehensively build upon their own education and gives them numerous opportunities to progress in careers on a national and international platform.

~ Peter Freymueller
BBA in Business Administration, 2019
SIF President, 2018-19

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Howard Hodel (President CFA Society Hawaii), Kim McGinnis (Faculty Advisor), and SIF students Marcus Brown, Peter Freymueller, Lutfi Lena and JP Landry at the 2018 CFA Research Challenge in Honolulu, Hawaii

I believe that the CFA Research Challenge was one of the best learning experiences in my educational career. It allowed me the opportunity to complete a comprehensive equity recommendation through rigorous research. As team leader, the research challenge proved to be a new level of intensity. The research process was extremely in-depth, and the team would investigate every aspect of the company from the financial statements to corporate management. There are not many opportunities for finance students in Alaska to participate in research competitions, which is why I am very fortunate and appreciative for being able to represent UAF at this research challenge.

~ Lutfi Lena
BBA in Business Administration, 2019

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