Internship Opportunities

Opportunities to earn course credit through on-the-job learning

CBSM’s internship courses are online classes designed for students to earn academic credit by connecting the job experience with the concepts, theories and ideas learned in the classroom. Internships are powerful resumé builders, a way to enhance confidence and expand employable skills.

The internship course is considered an elective, so you should first check with your academic advisor to make sure the credits will apply toward your degree.

Primary learning takes place on the job, and the academic requirements for the internship course are manageable and flexible, as many students are often already working and studying on a full-time schedule. The online format is adaptable to allow students to work outside the normal semester schedule and accommodate seasonal positions.

Many jobs at all levels of an organization provide an opportunity to apply academic learning. Internship students have worked in public and private sectors, such as marketing, emergency management, banking, accounting, legal offices, police and fire support, civil service, nonprofits and even in some student jobs here at UAF.


What if I already have a job, but my title isn’t “intern”?
Students may currently work in jobs that qualify for enrollment in the internship course. You don’t need to hold the title of “intern” or find a special type of job!

If you have an existing job and want to check on its eligibility for academic credit, acquire a copy of your job description and send it to the internship faculty advisor listed below. Be sure to include “Internship Inquiry” in your email subject line.

Are there any prerequisites or other academic standing requirements to enroll?
There are several internship courses available depending on your degree and position description. Some prerequisites or other requirements may apply. You can review these with your academic advisor before enrolling in an internship course.

How do I find a job?
Job searches are the responsibility of the student; the College of Business and Security Management does not place students into existing positions.

CBSM does connect students to local employers by posting jobs in the weekly email newsletter - the eNews. All students currently enrolled in a CBSM program or degree are automatically added to the mailing list each semester - or you can sign up online if you are not yet a CBSM student but are interested in receiving the weekly emails. Be sure to select the “CBSM Students Weekly eNews” to get all the news geared toward students.

Jobs outside Fairbanks or even outside Alaska may also qualify for the internship course, so you are not limited to local employment. The course is online so it may be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. Robust internet resources are available for job searches inside and outside Alaska and virtually all employers have a website with employment links for interested applicants. Employers will want to follow their normal hiring processes when accepting applications, so you should have your resume ready when you begin your job search.

If you would like assistance polishing your application materials or interviewing skills, be sure to let the internship faculty advisor (listed below) or your academic advisor know, and we will connect you with resources.

Do volunteer jobs qualify for internship credit?
Employers must comply with federal and/or state wage laws when hiring employees or accepting volunteers. Many large for-profit companies have unpaid volunteer and internship programs that are structured according to federal and state requirements. Nonprofits may also have established volunteer programs and unpaid positions.

Whether to seek a paid or unpaid job is up to the student; many volunteer or unpaid internships can qualify for academic credit. The duties of the position - rather than the pay status - dictate whether the job will qualify for course credit. CBSM encourages students to make sure any unpaid position they may accept complies with state and federal wage laws; the employer should be able to explain why their unpaid program is in compliance.

If you want to check on a job’s eligibility for academic credit before applying, acquire a copy of the job description or announcement and send it to the internship faculty advisor (listed below). Be sure to include “Internship Inquiry” in your email subject line.

How do I enroll in the course? I can’t see it in UAOnline.

  1. Contact your academic advisor and verify that the course credit will apply toward your degree. The internship course is an elective. Your academic advisor will connect you with the internship faculty advisor if you have not already done so.
  2. Acquire a copy of the job description or announcement and send it to the internship faculty advisor listed below; you can do this either before or after you speak with your academic advisor. Be sure to include “Internship Inquiry” in your email subject line.
  3. Once we determine your job duties qualify for an internship, you will need to provide the name and contact information for your job supervisor before enrollment authorization is granted. Once all materials are received, you will be authorized to enroll in the internship course through UAOnline.
  4. To enter the internship program, UAF CBSM must notify you and the employer of Title IX rights and responsibilities. Once you enroll in the course, we will complete the notification documents for you and your supervisor. For more information on Title IX, please visit the Title IX website


CBSM Internship Stories

CBSM students have stories to tell about their internship experiences!

Sierra Kinworthy

This summer, I interned at CSM LeadDog Marketing Group in San Francisco, California. I served as an Intern for Account Management. I assisted on multiple accounts, including the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018. It was the first Rugby World Cup Sevens held in the United States. Working on the production team increased my understanding of game environment, international marketing, and how to conduct myself in a fast paced business environment. The skills I acquired and the support I received from CSM LeadDog Marketing Group were more than I could have expected or asked for!


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Contact Info

If you are a student or an employer and you want to know more about the CBSM Internship program, please contact:

Kris Racina
Faculty Advisor, Internship Program
Office: Bunnell 225D
Phone: (907) 474-6532