Campus communications


Communicating with staff, faculty and students

There's a lot of focus on telling the world about UAF, but it's also important to talk to each other. Our employees are our best brand ambassadors, and good communication with them makes them even better.

The Cornerstone newsletter is one of the best ways to get information to employees. It covers university news and employee announcements, which are posted on UAF's news and information site. Cornerstone is sent to employees each weekday during the fall and spring semesters, and Monday/Wednesday/Friday in the summer.  Take time to read it — it's your one-stop info shop for UAF news and employee information.

Cornerstone can help you get the word out for these kinds of general, university- or departmentwide categories:

  • events (please see the events page for details on planning your event)
  • training opportunities
  • changes in administration
  • minor procedural changes
  • requests for volunteers for UAF-related activities

If your unit has a public information officer, please work with them to submit items to Cornerstone. If your unit does not have a PIO, you can submit the announcement here. All submissions must be received by noon at least three business days before the day you'd like your item to appear in the newsletter. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Cornerstone for students

Cornerstone for students is generally sent out shortly before the first day of the academic term and every Wednesday during the spring and fall semesters. Items for each week's newsletter must be must be submitted by 8 a.m. Monday.

Cornerstone newsletter special topics

Special editions of Cornerstone are occasionally sent out for safety and construction information or other essential information as needed.

News and information website

Visit the UAF news and information site for all public and internal news. Content is updated frequently and includes information from the daily newsletter.


Digital signage makes use of digital displays and are a way for UAF departments to advertise what they are working on or what activities are happening around campus. OIT provides the technical infrastructure.

See guidelines for creating and sharing digital signage files (PDF).

The campuswide email lists for all faculty, staff and students are administered by University Relations. They are used sparingly and are reserved for announcements such as chancellor's communications, policy decisions, senior management appointments, benefits information, changes in major operating procedures, safety and holiday information, campuswide initiatives, and announcements that affect a large portion of UAF. All campuswide emails are posted in the archives of the listserv from which they originated.

  • Keep your email efficient, direct and as clear as possible.
  • Use active, rather than passive, voice.
  • Include rationale for changes.
  • Link to documents rather than sending attachments via email.
  • Use web links that lead to more information.
  • Avoid sending to multiple lists and then to the all-campus email.

For more information about faculty, staff and student lists, email University Relations at

  • Announcements for personal, political or monetary gain
  • Non-UAF announcements
  • Isolated department announcements, e.g., a picnic for only a portion of the campus community

**UAF employees and sdbutro are autosubscribed. Please note, if you opt out of sdbutro you will not receive emergency messages from UAF.



Please contact email University Relations at