Political booth guidelines

Tables for political candidates are encouraged in Wood Center. There is a required fee of $30 per day booth rental.

All political candidates must fill out a UAF Campus Access Registration form (this form can be obtained from the Wood Center Scheduling Office).

Political candidates may reserve booth space no more than one business week (Monday-Friday) in advance.

Literature may be placed on the table for interested parties to take at their discretion; it cannot be handed directly to the individual unless the individual requests the literature.

Free dispensing, or sale, of food or beverages is prohibited except when a food waiver approval has been obtained (food waivers are obtained from the Wood Center Scheduling Office). The food waiver must be present at the table at all times.

Booths will be randomly assigned the day of the reservation; pre-assigned spaces are not available.

A member of the group must be present at the booth at all times. Unattended booths are not permitted.

The group may take only the booth that has been assigned to it; the table will be marked with a document bearing the group’s name. The group’s representative(s) will be expected to stay within the assigned space (between the light posts and five feet behind the table).

Booths are limited to one eight-foot table, four chairs, and one easel per booth.

Nothing may be fastened to light posts, walls, TV cart, TV, or chairs. One poster or banner may be affixed only to the front of the table and/or to an easel immediately behind the table. Tape may not be used on the easel.

All banners and other materials will be disposed of after the booth has been vacated.

If any of these policies are abused, the organization may lose the ability to schedule booth space in the future.