UAF Veterinary Medicine Professional Program

Safety Training is taken Seriously



All Professional Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Staff and Students are required to complete the necessary General, Laboratory, and IACUC training (all students; only faculty and staff participating in classes or research that use live animals)

Required General Training (all faculty, staff and students):

Department Emergency Action Plan – Annual Renewal

Arctic Health Research Building, Murie and Irving Annex – complete at links below

Required Training

Links can be found at

  •        Protection of Minors A (Option 2; annual renewal) and B

Links can be found at (for staff/faculty) OR and (for students)

  •        Hazard Communication
  •        Title IX/Title IX Refresher – annual renewal
  •        Alcohol (for students only under the age of 25)

Required General Training (faculty and staff only)

Links can be found at

  •        Employee Safety Orientation
  •        Slips, Trips, and Falls

Links can be found at

  •        Injury and Illness Prevention
  •        Anti-Bullying in the Workplace

Link can be found at at Employee Services/eLearning

  •        FERPA – annual renewal

Required Laboratory Training (all faculty, staff*, students): *except those that do not work in labs

Links can be found at

  •        UAF Laboratory Safety
  •        UAF Chemical Hygiene
  •        UAF Hazardous Waste Management

Links can be found at

  •        Laboratory Sharps Safety
  •        Formaldehyde – annual renewal

(anyone working in the UAF Veterinary Medicine labs as formaldehyde is present)

Required IACUC Training (all faculty*, staff*, students):   *only if participating in classes or research working with live animals

 Links can be found at

        Lab and/or Wildlife – Basic (and Refresher; renew every 3 yrs)

  •        working with cats, working with dogs, working with horses

(when required by course IACUC protocol)

Research Lab Task Specific Training (Faculty, Staff, Students only if they work in research lab):

Required for those that work with the specific hazard in a research laboratory setting - Verify requirements with your faculty mentor

Links can be found at

  •        Understanding Safety Data Sheets
  •        Methylene Chloride
  •        Phenol Safety
  •        Benzene
  •        Chloroform
  •        Silica (a guide to working with)
  •        Laboratory Safety for Non-Laboratory Personnel
  •        Hazardous Materials Shipping Awareness
  •        Hydrofluoric Acid (in-person training; UAF Industrial Hygiene: 474-6771)

More information and trainings available through UAF Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (, 474-5413).

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