2017 AVMA Accreditation

UAF DVM Program AVMA Site Visit

February 26 to March 1, 2017

UAF DVM Program Accreditation

The accreditation process examines every aspect of veterinary teaching against international standards and best practices; it helps ensure the highest-quality education for students, so that veterinary graduates are fully prepared for the profession.

Graduation from an accredited institution is a standard prerequisite for licensure or certification for professional veterinary practice.

The American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education oversees accreditation. The process occurs every seven years. There are three key steps:

Drafting of a 42-page Self-Study Report addressing 11 Standards of Accreditation

This is the single-most important document of the accreditation process and serves as the principal element of evidence that the program and resources of the college comply with the Standards of Accreditation. The Self-Study is an extensive self-evaluation of strengths and weaknesses according to the following standards:

  1. Organization
  2. Finances
  3. Physical Facilities and Equipment
  4. Clinical Resources
  5. Information Resources
  6. Students
  7. Admission
  8. Faculty
  9. Curriculum
  10. Research Programs
  11. Outcomes Assessment

The Site Visit Team is composed of 6 educators and practitioners approved for inclusion by the AVMA Council on Education. The team will tour the college to inspect facilities, and will meet with and interview a variety of administrators, faculty, staff, students and committees to verify and supplement information presented in the Self-Study Report. More information about the site visit:

The visitors undergo training, represent a cross-section of veterinary disciplines, and come from nationwide practices, veterinary schools and state veterinary medical associations; COE staff members are among the visitors.

The site team, through its tours and discussions, gathers opinions about the program and its effectiveness.

After the visit, the site team writes a Report of Evaluation that analyzes observations and information gathered against the Self-Study Report. The team makes a recommendation for accreditation status. This is presented to the full COE at its next meeting.

The COE makes the final accreditation decision

Do you want more information? The AVMA Council on Education's website provides extensive information about the accreditation process and why it is important.

Do you have questions about our accreditation? Contact the Department of Veterinary Medicine

UAF-Self Study (PDF)

AVMA Schedule (PDF)

AVMA Alaska Site Visit Team (PDF)