Statewide Training Program

UA Statewide required training is available in the MyUA Employee Services Dashboard, in the learning library, under Tier 1: UA Employee Required Training. Instruction to access my UA are found on UAF’s required training page.

Other available training on MyUA is found in Tier 2, 3 and 4, respectively position required, professional development, and personal learning. Position required training is determined by your job duties and your supervisor. Professional development and personal learning may be assigned by your supervisor, but is available to you.

UAF Required Training

UAF’s required safety training is found on the required training page. UAF requires all 4 safety trainings, your department’s DEAP training, and protection of minors training for all employees within 30 days of hire or before undertaking specific activities identified as safety concerns by the supervisor or employee (UAF Required Training Policy 04.07.010)

Safety Training

All of these trainings, listed below, are required to be completed by all employees: faculty, staff and student employees. YOU MUST GET 100% ON THE QUIZ TO COMPLETE THE COURSE. You will receive notification by e-mail as to your score along with information on which questions were missed. You must go back into the quiz and take it again until you get 100%.

5 Basic Safety Classes


Protection of Minors Training

All UAF employees must take training under the Protection of Minors Policy (Section 5.4). More details are available on the Required Training page. Please note that anyone working directly with children must take their required Protection of Minors training annually per statewide regulations (09.12).

Title IX Training

Title IX training is found on the MyUA learning system, Tier 1 and is required annually.