Required Training for all UAF Employees

Accessing myUA Employee Training System for Required Training

To access the library follow these steps:

  1. Log in to myUA at
  2. Click on “myUA Employee Services Dashboard.”
  3. Click on “My Community” then “Learning Library. ”
  4. Select Tier 1, UA Employee Required Training.

If you have problems logging on to this system or accessing training, please check out this site which contains FAQs and technical guidance. Be aware that it is best to use Google Chrome as your browser to access the training in myUA. For additional help, please contact HRIS team at

Any questions regarding the Protection of Minors courses, please contact Brandon Cruz.

UAF Required Safety Training

The four safety trainings (Employee Safety Orientation, Hazard Communication, Office Safety, and Slips, Trips, and Falls), UAF drivers’ training (if driving a UAF vehicle), and one of the protection of Minors’ training, all found below, are required. The UAF Hazardous Communication GHS training has choices that you will need to make based on your position at the University – please read all instructions.


Protection of Minors' Training

University Employees who are not Authorized Adults

The Protection of Minors’ training for all University employees who are not considered Authorized Adults. The training can be found here: Protection of Minors: Shine a Light.

Authorized Adults

Protection of Minors' training for University Employees who will be working directly with minors is now found on myUA. All authorized adults are required to take two trainings annually: Protection of Minors-Duty to Report: Mandated Reporter and one additional training chosen from the spreadsheet. These trainings can be found in the Learning Library under Tier II; search for Protection of Minors. Training is required annually.

Please contact your camp director, program director or EHSRM to determine which of the trainings you should take.

Volunteers who will be working directly with children will need to work with their camp or program owner or EHSRM for access to training under Praesidium Armatus. These volunteers are required to take Protection of Minors-Duty to Report: Mandated Reporter and one additional training. Training is required annually.

Mandated Reporters

If you are designated as a mandated reporter, you must take the Protection of Minors-Duty to Report: Mandated Reporter annually. UAF has designated the following positions as mandated reporters: UAF Mandated Reporters includes those persons found in the state of Alaska Statutes (7 ACC 57.505), the UA regulations (09.12) that apply, and the following which are UAF specific:

UAF Chancellor

Authorized Adults

Provost and Vice Provost

Protection of Minors Committee Members

UAF Vice and Associate Vice Chancellors,


Director of the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities

Title IX Coordinator and Investigators

Human Resources Director and Consultant

Access to UAF Safety Training

Employee Safety Orientation - Upon hire
Hazard Communication GHS - Upon hire
Office Safety (general) - Upon hire
Slips, Trips and Falls - Upon hire
Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP) - Upon hire

Department specific, talk to your supervisor