Nanooks Care Pledge

The University of Alaska Fairbanks strives to create an environment of inclusion, diversity, respect and caring; now is the time for us to uphold that creed. As a UAF student, I commit to contributing to campus life in a way that promotes the health and safety of all Nanooks.   

We are in this together, and only together can we keep our community safe. We are Nanook Nation! Click here to learn more. 


Who we are:

The Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (CSRR) supports student-centered programs and services designed to assist students in achieving their personal, educational, and social goals.  Our mission is to empower and encourage students to be successful in all facets of their lives and to promote a campus culture of respect and institutional values of diversity, inclusivity, and caring.  The core principles of Student CARE are to Connect, Advocate, Refer, and Educate through early intervention and connecting to supportive resources to ensure their success as a student during their time at UAF.  The CSRR student care services foster a sense of well-being and facilitate student success through holistic student development. We promote an educational and developmental approach to student conduct that prioritizes learning and growth, accountability for behaviors and decisions, and ethical development. The Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities also provides support related to other primary functions of the University, such as student trainings, safety and prevention programs, student requests for assistance, and other issues important to student success and well-being.

The Center focuses on:

  • Student Conduct
  • The Resilience Project
  • Student Care Team
  • Educational outreach
  • Student Conflict Resolution
  • Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Facilitation of Students' Ethical Development
  • Restorative Justice for Students
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Student Crisis Management
  • Student Death Management
  • Sexual Assault Education and Prevention
  • Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention
  • Consultation to and with other student service areas such as Residence Life, Athletics, Disability Services, Veterans and Military Services, Student Health and Counseling Center, Resource and Advocacy Center, and the Title IX office
  • Development of partnerships with related academic departments and disciplines
  • Parent and Family Relations 




  Kaydee Van Flein

Director and Chief Student Conduct Officer

Nikki Crenshaw  

Student CARE and Outreach Coordinator 





Corbin Sandgren

Intake Specialist and Student Conduct Administrator


Hannah Harp 

Student CARE and Outreach Coordinator