Other Basic Training

Driver Training

UAF Driver Training Handout (PDF) - One page information sheet with important phone numbers, accident notification procedures, and information on how to fill out an accident report. Print this page as a quick reference. This is also a good reference page to place in all the vehicles leased/owned by your department.



EHSRM has developed many laboratory safety PowerPoints specific to chemicals or procedures.  If you require training for a chemical or general procedure not on the list, please contact the Industrial Hygiene department.

Understanding Safety Data Sheets

  Laboratory Sharps Safety

  Methylene Chloride

Phenol Safety

  Toolik Lake Lab Safety

  Laboratory Safety for Non-Laboratory Personnel

Hazardous Materials Shipping Awareness Training

Biological Safety

Additional training and information about Bio Safety can be found here

Hydrofluoric acid training

If you plan to use hydrofluoric acid, please contact the Industrial Hygiene department for assistance.  This training is provided in-person.

Radiation Safety Training

Contact the University's Radiation Safety Officer, Tracey Martinson, Ph. D., at extention 6771 or by email at tamartinson@alaska.edu prior to initiating work with radioisotopes.

Radiation Safety Training - Fundamentals

Radiation Safety Training - Procedures

Other training

Working with Hand Tools or Power Tools

Ladder Training

How to do a Job Hazard Analysis

Working with Mobile Scaffolding

How to logon to Intelex to view and complete required training