The University of Alaska has teamed up with the Colorado State University (CSU) to provide a unique opportunity to earn your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. Accepted students will complete the first two years of the DVM program here in Fairbanks, AK, then move to Fort Collins, CO where they have access to DVM board-certified specialists and CSU's state-of-the-art teaching hospital to complete the third and fourth years of their education, ultimately graduating from CSU (DVM program ranked #2 in the nation).

The UAF courses for the first two years of instruction match the courses offered at CSU and provide the same academic rigor, but are slightly altered for our unique environment -----> Think arctic climate, muskox, reindeer, sled dogs, and other unique experiences and information our faculty and staff have to offer!

Year 1 Course Curriculum:

Foundations of Veterinary MedicineI/II, Functional Anatomy, Immunology, Physiology & Histology, Veterinary Science: Research and Methods, Bacteriology & Mycology, Biology of Disease I, Food Animal Production & Food Safety, Neurobiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, Parasitology, Virology

Year 2 Course Curriculum:

Foundations of Veterinary Medicine III/IX, Animal Welfare, Biology of Disease II/III, Bioanalytical Pathology, Clinical Toxicology, Pharmacology, Preventative Medicine, Clinical Sciences I/II, Principles of Anesthesia, Principles of Surgery, Theriogenology