Mentoring Resources

URSA supports faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and staff mentors as they engage undergraduate students in research and creative scholarship across all disciplines.


URSA Mentor Testimonials

Mentoring students in independent research is extremely rewarding. These students want to be here and are out for the experience. I would highly recommend this to other faculty and instructors. Devin Drown, Associate Professor |  Department of Biology and Wildlife | 2021-2022 Mentor Award Recipient
I would recommend mentoring undergraduates to my peers. I think it is extremely important for undergraduates to get some experience with taking on a research project from start to finish, especially if they are considering going on to graduate school. These are very formative times in their lives and getting useful and potentially career-setting experience at this stage is essential. I was able to get research experience in my undergraduate degree which opened the door to graduate school. I now have a Ph.D. and I am a professor at CFOS. Without this experience that jumpstarted my interest in zooplankton, I would not be here today. I want to give this same opportunity to the next generation of scientists.  Jennifer Questal, Research Assistant Professor | Department of Oceanography | 2021-2022 Mentor Award Recipient
I would recommend mentoring undergraduate students to my peers. It taught me a lot about how to be confident in a leadership role. I had to learn about my own mentorship style and how to effectively communicate and work with others. It’s also fun to be involved in their education and growth as scientists...The structure of URSA helped me to build positive mentorship relationships.  Jonah Bacon, Graduate Student | Department of Fisheries