Mentor Awards


Dr. Elaine Drew (standing) Kevin Huo, Fiona Fadum and Jason Kells (L-R)

Faculty, research staff, staff, and graduate students from all UAF-affiliated campuses are invited to apply for an URSA Mentor Award of up to $6,000. This award is an opportunity for mentors to receive funding to engage undergraduate students on their current research and creative projects. Awarded proposals will clearly describe a project with a distinguished mentoring plan for undergraduate students involved.

  • The funding limit for this RFP is $6,000
  • Applicants are required to identify at least one eligible undergraduate student upon awarding. 
  • Funds may be used towards an undergraduate student fellowship, undergraduate student tuition (up to 4 credits for a course related to the project), travel to a fieldwork location, supplies, or services.

Application Schedule

Mentor Award Flyer