Deadlines for the Curriculum Review Cycle
Final approvals must be received by the Office of the Registrar by March 1 to be included in the next Catalog
CourseLeaf Submissions
Deadline of 1st Friday in November:
  • New Courses
  • Course Change
  • Course Compression
  • Course Drop
Deadline of 1st Friday in October:
  • New Program
  • New Minor
  • Occupational Endorsement
  • Program Change 
  • Program Deletion
Paper Form Submissions  (click here for templates)
Trial Course (-94)
  • Spring Courses: 2nd Friday in Sept.
  • Fall Courses: 2nd Friday in Feb.
Special Topics (-93)
  • Set by the Office of the Registrar
Summer Special Topics (-95)
  • Set by the unit
Non-Thesis Research(-98) & Thesis/Dissertation(-99)
  • Set by the Office of the Registrar
Seminar (-92)
  • Set by the Office of the Registrar
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  • To request user account changes, submit feedback, report system errors, and request a training session for CourseLeaf click here.
  • To request minor Banner course data entry errors and requests to add or remove "No Print Status" for courses click here. 
  • Click here to complete a Misc Admin form for the following: new subject code or department code, align subject code with department, add/change existing course fees.

Course & Degree Program Manualunder construction

AY2017-18 10-day Review Notices

AY2017-18 Course/Program Approvals - curriculum approved during this cycle will take effect Fall 2018.
*Status of curriculum in Senate review committees may be checked on the Undergraduate, Graduate, GER or Developmental review cycle pages.

Curriculum Indexes & Approval Records

Historical 10-day Review Notices

Historical Curriculum Review Cycles

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