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Over the years, Staff Council has been responsible for a number of employee benefit improvements, including: an additional University holiday - Martin Luther King Day; leave share program; and a flexible work schedule.

Members have worked on refining supervisory training, internal recruitment, the staff recognition and longevity awards, health and leave benefits, smoke-free workplace, development and implementation of the new salary system, correspondence with State legislators on bills concerning the retirement system and the University budget, and consultation with UAF Human Resources on hiring procedures.

The most important benefit staff at UAF has through their representatives is an open line of communication to administration. If any staff member in the University community has an issue with their work environment or sees a way the University could become more productive by creating a better work environment, an avenue for conveyance is open to them through their governance group. Please use that open line. Contact your representative with your ideas and concerns or bring them to Staff Council meetings.

Staff Council Officers
Derek Bastille, President
Database / On-Base Administrator
Office of Management and Budget
Tara Borland, Vice President
Program Administrator
EPSCoR Program
Ronnie Houchin, Past President
Associate Director of Student Engagement
ASUAF Advisor
Center for Student Engagement
Staff Council Office

Molly Enochs, Governance Manager

The UAF Staff Council is a representative organization for all exempt and non-exempt, regular and extended temporary employees of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in accordance with Article I of the UAF Staff Council Constitution. The UAF Staff Council's structure provides a means of addressing issues concerning the welfare of employees and facilitates the role of UAF staff in UA's governance process.

The members of Staff Council are the voice for non-represented staff across the UAF community. Staff Council acts as a change agent and brings concerns and issues up for consideration. Staff Council is an opportunity to get to know fellow employees across the campus through Staff Council committees that you might not work with otherwise.

The UAF Staff Council of the University of Alaska Fairbanks shall be composed of representative members of exempt and non-exempt, non-union, UAF staff who are elected for two year staggered terms by permanent full-time and permanent part-time non-faculty, non-student employees. University employees who hold executive appointments shall be excluded from representation by the UAF Staff Council.

Staff Council meets once a month for approximately 2.5 hours. Members are required to serve on at least one Staff Council permanent committee. Staff Council strongly encourages members to serve as a primary means of communication and as a link between Staff Council and those they represent.

Elected representatives serve two-year terms*, ** beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of the following year. There are no term limits for representatives. Representatives whose units are up for re-election in the fall of the current year must submit a nomination form and go through the election process in order to remain on Staff Council.

*Mid-term appointments to fill vacant unit representative seats may serve a term that is less than 2 years.

**Those elected, through a special election process, to fill a term vacated by an At-Large representative during the first year of their term may serve a one year term.

Staff Council meets once a month, typically excluding January and July. The Staff Council meeting schedule is approved annually by Staff Council during the fall semester. This sets the dates and times of meetings for the following year, except in cases where amendments are made to the schedule by an official motion approved by Staff Council.

Yes, all Council Representatives are required to serve on one permanent committee.

These meetings are open to the public. All university employees are encouraged to watch the meeting via the livestream. All university employees are also encourages to share their input via the public comment form. Visit the Staff Council meeting page for more information on the next Staff Council meeting or contact Staff Council at uaf-staff-council@alaska.edu.

As of 2017, Staff Council's annual calendar is no longer being produced due to severe budget cuts to the UAF Governance budget.

You can view the Staff Council archived calendars.