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 2018-2019 Faculty Senate

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Faculty have traditionally played a key role in shared governance and academic collegiality of institutions of higher education. The UAF Faculty Senate, established in January 1988, consists of 39-42 faculty members elected proportionally from the faculty of each college and school. In addition to the monthly meetings, the standing and permanent committees meet regularly to carry out the majority of the work. The president, president-elect and committee chairs constitute an Administrative Committee which sets the full Senate agenda and coordinates the various activities of the Senate. The Faculty Senate serves as a major part of UAF's institutional memory and addresses the following concerns: curriculum development and change; policies related to academic procedures; academic freedom; faculty rights and responsibilities; and quality of teaching, research, and service.

Constitution and Bylaws:
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Faculty Alliance (UA System)

2018-2019 Information:

Contact Information:
Meryem Udden, Faculty Senate Coordinator
Donie Bret-Harte, President
Sine Anahita, President-Elect
Chris Fallen, Past President
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