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Organized in January 1988, the Senate consists of 39-42 faculty members elected proportionally from the faculty of each college and school. In addition to monthly plenary meetings, the standing and permanent committees meet regularly to carry out the majority of the work. The president, president-elect and committee chairs constitute an Administrative Committee which sets the full Senate agenda and coordinates the various activities of the Senate.

In addition, the Faculty Senate serves as a major part of UAF's institutional memory and provides information on programs, policies, procedures, formats and responsible individuals for accomplishing the academic tasks of the institution. 

Faculty Alliance (UA System)

UAF members:

Ataur Chowdhury

Jennie Carroll

Abel Bult-Ito

Outstanding Senate Service of the Year Award

The 2024 OSSYA nomination opened on April 1, 2024. 

The nomination period runs from April 1-12, 2024. 

Nominations can be placed through this form or by email to the Governance office

The workshop includes a discussion session and Q&A with faculty from across career stages and appointments. More information about the next workshop will be posted by January 2024.

Recording from April 14, 2023

Faculty Senate Officers
Jennifer Carroll, President
Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development 
Abel Bult-Ito, President-Elect 
Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
Ataur Chowdhury, Past President
Faculty Senate Office
Molly Enochs, Governance Manager