Battelle ARO

Battelle ARO is the National Science Foundation’s Arctic Research Support and Logistics (RSL) contractor.  NSF-funded projects may be supported by Battelle ARO for items including construction support, air support, camping equipment and communication devices.  Polar Field Services is a subcontractor to Battelle ARO, providing field-focused logistics support and construction.

Battelle ARO subcontracts with Alpine Air Alaska to provide helicopter support at Toolik as well as provides one on-site helicopter coordinator.  Alpine Air Alaska flies Robinson R44 helicopters at Toolik, which can carry up to three passengers, in addition to the pilot. The helicopter can carry up to 600 lbs. In addition to carrying people and gear internally, they can also sling load gear from one spot to another.  

During the summer season of 2023 there will be one to two Battelle ARO helicopters are at Toolik depending on the research needs from June 1 - August 24.  Flights are arranged months in advance.  

2023 Helicopter Coordinators

You can reach the on-site coordinator at, or x2533.

Flight Requests

Two days prior to your pre-arranged flight, fill out a flight request so that all crew and equipment can be properly flown to your research sites. 

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John Hall

Helo Coordinator

Battelle ARO

Helo Tent

May 31-August 31

Patrick Proden

Alaska Operations Manager

Polar Field Services