GIS Mission Statement

Toolik Field Station & GIS remote sensing

        The mission of the Toolik Field Station GIS & Remote Sensing (TFS GIS) Program is to facilitate and enhance arctic research, and to increase research and management efficiency, effectiveness and capability. This is accomplished through: 1) direct consultation and participation with scientists, incorporating spatial data and analyses into pre-existing research, 2) GIS & remote sensing support of administrative and management infrastructure and the production of planning tools for land management and permitting, and 3) outreach to agencies and organizations to participate in regional and international entities developing Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) and Decision Support Systems (DSS). The TFS GIS Program maintains a rich geospatial database, develops project-specific data, conducts spatial analysis, and offers technical expertise, consultation and documentation toward achieving these goals. Services are available at the field station during the summer field season and through the Toolik GIS Office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks year-round.