GPS Overview

Toolik Field Station (TFS) maintains a full suite of survey and mapping grade GPS units on site. GPS units are available to all registered science users, staff, managers, and administrators on a pre-arranged basis. Informal training in the use of the equipment, processing support, field consultation and field data collection are also available via TFS GIS staff. TFS operates a GPS base station year-round. Base station files in various formats are posted on the TFS GIS website for download to support public and private GPS efforts on the North Slope.

Use Policy

Mapping grade GPS units can be checked out by permitted users on a daily, as-needed, basis. During the summer field season, users requiring GPS units for extended periods of time (>3 days) should contact the TFS GIS office prior to their arrival to discuss and schedule their GPS unit. Survey-grade GPS unit require intensive field support and coordination by the TFS GIS staff. Science users interested in survey-grade GPS support need to contact TFS GIS office prior to their arrival to discuss their research needs. See the GPS Equipment Calendar to reserve equipment.


TFS GIS staff offer on-site training for GPS equipment use and data collection. We can also provide a more comprehensive, extensive and advanced GPS training seession by prior arrangement.

Field Support

TFS GIS provides the following field support to the Toolik research community:

  • Mapping-grade GPS data collection
  • Survey-grade PPK/RTK GPS services
  • Consultation regarding appropriate GPS data collection methods to meet a user's specific research needs