Local Survey Control

These data are designed to help those needing coordinate control in the Toolik area. We are in the process of tying in published NGS benchmarks using 24hour dual frequency occupations processed against the TFS GIS permanent NetRS base station. We are also adding aluminum-cap monuments on rebar drilled into stable rock in areas of sparse coverage.

Benchmarks listed below include both (a) Description and (b) GPS Processing Report.

Check back periodically for additions and updates.

NGS Published Benchmarks

   Processing Reports
   Datasheets & Additional Info for Published NGS Benchmarks
  • NGS Website

TFS-installed Benchmarks

   Processing Reports

NGS Published Benchmarks (not tied in, reference only)

   Shapefile of All Benchmarks within 30 miles of Toolik Field Station
  • Toolik_NGS_benchmarks_shapefile.ZIP (19.5Kb)
  • Note: THIS SHAPEFILE IS NOT CONTROL QUALITY in either the features themselves, or in most cases the feature attributes. It is a basic reference provided by NGS to help identify existing monuments. These monuments should be tied-in to an existing base station before they are used for survey-grade work.