Issue 45.1


Vanitas Redux by Erica Catherine Matthews

Roll Away by Marina Outwater



Issue 44.1


Greenville, California: 2021 – Sage Cruser

Una Tarde de Domingo – Hector Ledesma

Summer in Marlow – Danielle O’Hanlon

Spoon, Tools of Vulnerability Series, Mixed media sculpture 2020 – Sarah Walko



Issue 43.2


Catalogue of Sorrows #6 – Nadia Arioli

Duo – David Swartz

Shadowtalk – Thad DeVassie


Issue 41.2


Affection – Chad Hanson

Love Me Not, Composure, & Before I Knew Your Name  – Brittany Kiefer

31-32 – Edward Lee

Erykah Badu – Mario Loprete


Issue 40.2


“Ladies-in-Waiting” by Daniella Napolitano

“Sleep Theory”   and “What the Aquarium Reveals” by Ana Prundaru

“Undulations” by Jury S. Judge

“New Mexico 19” by Jim Zola


Issue 39.2


Guardians - Linda Laino

Evolution - Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Platter from my Indigestion Series - Ian Park

Just Like Grandma’s - Ian Park

The Alta Club Building, Salt Lake City - Rebecca Pyle

Leaving Home - Louis Staeble

What is it like to be a bat? - Chloe Watson

Nature and Tales - Carol Wellart



Issue 38.2


Pallets - Brian Michael Barbeito

untitled - Brian Michael Barbeito

Detroit Afternoon - Michelle Brooks

Renaissance Renewal: A Bouquet -  Allen Forest

Walks of Life - Henry Hu

iceblink - A.G. Moore

Shadows in the Doorway - Michael Weidman

Water Canvas - Michael Weidman

Dripping Up Yellow - Kobina Wright



Issue 35.2


Ferryn Nowatzki - Untitled



Issue 34.2


Joel Isaak - Glass Mask and Salmon Skin Figure