Summer in Marlow

Danielle O’Hanlon

Acrylic sculpture of a window pane with landscape and flowers on the glass  | Art by Danielle O'Hanlon


About the Artist

Danielle O’Hanlon is a visual artist specializing in acrylic on canvas and based out of Myrtle Beach, SC. Being self-taught, O’Hanlon aims to create works that you can connect with and that elicit strong emotion from the viewer. O’Hanlon created the technique of Acrylic Sculpting which brings her work to life in a whole new way. It is a combination of paint and a mix O’Hanlon uses to heat and mold the paint where it comes to life inches off the canvas. In a sense, it reaches into our world, asking to be seen. She absolutely loves to paint things that inspire her and so her work is constantly changing. O’Hanlon has been published by multiple organizations throughout her career. See her work at and stay up to date at and Instagram @DanielleOHanlonArt.