by Brittany Kiefer

Painting of a woman putting her hair up


About the Artist

Brittany Kiefer is a contemporary lifestyle painter currently living in the Kansas City area, where she was also born. At a young age she was very fortunate to travel the world with her family. These travels inspired her at a young age and continue to make appearances in her life and body of work. Brittany attended college in the Black Hills of South Dakota and majored in Studio Art and Sociology. She has worked with many different mediums but for the last few years has focused primarily on acrylic painting. She prefers to work at a fast pace and enjoys the simplicity and quickness that acrylic affords. Brittany’s most recent body of work studies specific moments in time and the emotions conveyed within them. From the simple acts of getting ready in the morning, to break-ups, make-ups, and the life changing moment of bringing a child into the world, each second in time can hold secrets and stories of their own. Her work can be seen in exhibitions throughout the Kansas City area, and she has been published nationally and internationally within then last year.